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Tolmin is an Alpine holiday town, both winter and summer.  It has a multitude of options to suit all budgets

The base for the competition will be at Camp Gabrje, which offers a 10% discount to competitors for the period of the competition. Camp Gabrje is a few kms from Tolmin town. The campsite caters for tents and caravans. It has on site shower facilities, a bar and basic food. Alongside there is also a landing field, which may be used as a goal field at times during the competition.

Tolmin, the nearest town, has a multitude of accommodation available. You can search in Tolmin, Gabrje, Volarje, Kamno and Kobarid there are many private guest-houses, with prices at around 15-40 EUR.

Camp Gabrje coordinates
N46° 11' 46.8234"
E013° 41' 49.3074"

For more info about the HQ and surrounding area, please visit the Camp Gabrje website.



General Info


Registration Open

Registration for the Nordic Paragliding event opens on 22nd January at 11:00 CET

The venue for 2017 is Tolmin, Slovenia (Julian Alps).



This years event is again being organised by Brett Janaway who organised the 2015 & 2016 Nordic Open's.


Nordic Open Basics

The Nordic Paragliding Open has the following aspects:

- FAI Cat 2
- 140 Pilot places
- 240 Euro entry fee*
- Includes Transport
- Includes Retrieves
- Includes Lunch Packs
- Includes GPS Tracking
- Includes T-shirt
- Includes Final Party

*50% entry fee payable on registration. 50% payable at the venue in August. Initial payment non refundable.


Registration Format

Registration Opens - Soon

The first 2 weeks of registration are open ONLY to 28 pilots from each Nordic nation, according to WPRS.

Weeks 2 to 6 are then open to general Nordic entries, according to registration time.

After week 6, entry is open to all nations, according to registration time.

Places will be filled according to WPRS on the first allocation, and then by registration time thereafter.

There are a maximum of 140 places.

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